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Whether you are moving to the next level of becoming a newly registered education and training provider or preparing for re-registration, or wanting to expand and grow the insitution domestically or internationally  presents both a challenging and equally rewarding process.

  • Registration and renewals of VET and HE application audit and preparation of applications and submissions to ASQA and/or TEQSA.
  • Review of Academic, Executive or Board Structures to comply with and develop outcomes of high quality educational outcomes.
  • Marketing and Brand differentiation development to increase opportunities for sustainable student number growth both domestically and internationally.
  • Digital integrated strategies that encompass propsecting, web solutions, learning delivery methods and social networking. 
  • Financial Viability and Performance review of operational costs, courses profitability, and return of investments and assets.
  • E2E Platform development from Enquiry to Enrolment processes including an integrated CRM to Admissions seamless systems.
  • Culture change management to develop cultural behaviours and workplace performance aligned to commercial and academic vision, goals and objectives.
  • Technology advice and recommendations to reduce costs and redundancies.
  • Governance, Quality and Compliance reviews including benchmarking recommendations.
  • Agents and Partnership relationship management reviews including performance reporting, incentive programs and quality and assurance reviews.
FPG  Consulting provides assistance on several and any level of a corporate trainer, private provider, government and not-for-profit organisation to assess their current market position with what they want to achieve and determine the how, the what and the who to make it a reality.

We bring marketing data and benchmark analysis  with quantitative information and combine those with the  drivers you wish to achieve and provide the map of the way forward. 

 Along with the economic and financial models, we bring creative, innovative ideas for development and growth that are realistic and flexible that become the inputs to your future 1, 3 or 5 year Business Plans.

 We bring our leadership and organisational design experience  to ensure that the plans  developed have included a collaborative and participatory process across the organisation reinforcing the culture for the future. 

FPG Consulting offers implementable services  to advancing to the next level

FPG Delivers Real Outcomes  

Turning your Vision to a Strategy and a Strategy to Plan is easier with assistance and advice from external input and ideas.

FPG Consulting becomes your advisor and creative mind input in collaboration and partnership with your staff and management for putting your Business Plans and strategies in place to meet your future vision and needs.

We Do This by:
  • Reviewing, Advising and Developing your education and training policy strategic approaches to determine your student and learning outcomes. 
  • Facilitate in strategic planning with your management team and staff at institutional, academic and commercial levels.
  • Performing evaluations of your market industry and demographics to assess future demand in the courses, programs and student outcomes you are in and want to grow towards. 
  • Undertaking strictly confidential regulatory reviews of your governance, operating structures, policies, procedures and processes.
  • Liaising with you and on your behalf with Federal and State Government agencies including ASQA, TEQSA, relevant industry associations, quality assurance bodies and peak body organisations. 
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